Primary School

Bright, Proud and Successful

Early Years

Nursery School Application Form September 2021


At Bewley we aim for your child to:

We want your child to foster a life-long love of learning. To have belief and confidence in themselves and their own skills and be able to express themselves confidently and independently.  We want your child to shine as BRIGHT as they can!

At Bewley our staff are very skilled with a good understanding of child development. They are engaging, inspiring teachers and role models who are able to motivate and instil curiosity and a love of learning in every child. They are also excellent at nurturing and supporting each child to reach their full potential.

Our staff are fun, enthusiastic, creative and imaginative. They love to tell stories, sing songs and rhymes and play with the children. All the while developing each child’s own skills, knowledge and understanding.

At Bewley our Early Years staff love to celebrate every child’s progress and achievements however big or small. We want your child to be PROUD of their achievements!

At Bewley we aim to develop positive partnerships with you as parents and carers and to work together to support, nurture and educate your child. We want your child to make good progress from their individual starting point. To have an ‘I can’ attitude and be keen to try their very best.

We have high standards and expectations of learning and will have regular meetings with you as parents and carers to share your child’s targets and interventions. We will also use ‘Tapestry’ (a secure online learning journal) where we can both share your child’s successes and achievements. We want your child to be as SUCCESSFUL as they can be!

At Bewley our Early Years environment is well resourced with a range of open-ended and challenging learning opportunities. These encourage the children’s curiosity and develop independence.

Our learning opportunities often start from a book, story or memorable experience that engage the children. These also link to children’s interests, seasonal themes, topics and the children’s targets.

We provide opportunities for adult-led, group and whole class activities as well as child-initiated learning. The children learn through a stimulating play-based curriculum and have opportunities to play and learn both indoors and outdoors.

Article 28 – Every child has the right to an education.

Article 29 – Every child has the right to use and develop their talents and abilities.