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Bright, Proud and Successful

School Curriculum

At Bewley we have a wide and varied curriculum. We make every effort to expand our children’s experiences through exciting topics and teaching. Every topic has a ‘WOW’ moment, which encourages the children to experience something different. This could be a school trip or a visitor in connection with the class topic.

We guarantee our curriculum is:

The curriculum has been organised and established in consultation with all teaching staff. It is regularly reviewed and developed in accordance with the School Improvement Plan and following consultation with Governors and teaching staff.

Curriculum Intent. 

At Bewley Primary School our school motto is- Bright, Proud and Successful.

We aim for every child in our Bewley family to:

(Articles 28 and 29) Children at Bewley Primary are taught the importance of responsibility, resilience, tolerance and respect for all cultures and religions. All of these characteristics underpin our curriculum and the children’s journey to success.

              Qualities that we aim to  develop in our children

               How ?


To be ambitious, and have high aspirations.


To show respectful behaviours – towards themselves, peers and adults


To have respectful behaviours  towards the environment – our school, the community and the wider world

  • An engaging, inclusive curriculum which progressively introduces knowledge, skills and vocabulary, with clear end points and expectations
  • Opportunities to develop aspirations and curiosity through planned visits and use of inspirational visitors /role models
  • Opportunities to be active citizens and have an active role in school
  • Positive mind-set activities, and  a development of  a  ‘can do’ attitude with carefully chosen resources
  • Adults and children demonstrating positive role models for each other
  • Adults and children being polite and caring, towards each other demonstrating a strong moral purpose
  • Children are taught about setting small goals on the journey  to achieving bigger things
  • Anti-bullying work and the PSHE/RSE curriculum, teaching children about respect
  • Children take on school roles to support the school and be respectful of the school environment and resources.
  • Children demonstrate respect when attending trips and visits in the local community and beyond
  • Children learn about relevant and current events, locally and globally, including environmental issues such as climate change.


To recognise personal achievements and the achievements of others.


To be proud of who they are, and their heritage.

  • Children develop confidence through achievements including, sport and PE
  • Children self-regulate and understand their emotions
  • Children say they consider school to be a safe place where they are encouraged to express their worries and ask for help
  • Children have opportunities to solve real life problems and articulate their reasoning
  • Children are taught about Billingham and Teesside in order to foster a sense of pride in where they live and what the local area has to offer
  • Children develop a positive self -image and self -esteem through being taught about mental health and well-being – for instance in PSHE and RSE lessons



To be Independent and have the necessary life skills


Be resilient and develop confidence and well being


To be problem solvers.


Keep ourselves safe – know how to report concerns and worries, including with friendships


Being safe in the school and community – Knowledge about, our families, the school, the local context and wider world


Being safe online –Using technology for the right reasons and knowing its limitations


  • Children have what they need to learn and can access this themselves
  • Children have classroom roles and are encouraged to participate
  • Over time, children develop in their ability to work independently and organise themselves
  • Assessment shows children have gained the knowledge and skills needed for the next stage in their leaning journey
  • There are planned opportunities for children to volunteer and learn about charity work, including helping others
  • Children have opportunities to make choices and decisions
  • Children are encouraged to ‘try’ before adults support them and are praised for their  effort and success
  • Children are encouraged to think independently and their opinions are recognised through purposeful questioning
  • School provides a safe environment where children know how to report worries and concerns.
  • Children are taught how to keep themselves safe- for instance through The PSHE, RSE and Science curriculum including themes such as Anti bullying and friendship; fire safety and road safety.
  • Children learn about relevant “danger issues” that affect the local community, including the dangers of electricity, ‘stranger danger’ 
  • Children learn about people who help us, including emergency services, police and the NHS
  • Children are taught about online safety, online bullying and how to use technology in a safe way through The IT Connected Curriculum. 
  • Children know who to report any worries and concerns to.

Curriculum Topic Overview

Bewley Primary Topic Overview 2023-24