Primary School

Bright, Proud and Successful



At Bewley Primary School, we celebrate the importance of music in education. By providing rich musical experiences, it is our intent that children will develop a life-long love of music.

We aim to give children at Bewley the opportunity to explore music, discover their musical talents, gain rich diverse experiences and opportunities to perform, listen to, compose and appreciate music.


Children experience music in so many different ways in their daily lives, whether listening to their favourite songs, singing, dancing, relaxing, exercising to music, watching a movie (music is used very creatively for special effects) or even being outside and hearing nature ‘sing.’ Music is everywhere and can help us all in so many ways – mentally, socially and physically.

  1. Whole school
  2. Classroom
  3. Extra-curricular Music
  4. Performances to the school and wider community

At Bewley, children experience music in many different ways:

1. Whole School Music

2. Classroom Music

All children have access to a well sequenced music curriculum underpinned by progression of key skills and knowledge throughout the key stages.

This diagram shows the inter-related dimensions of music and the progression of skills:

Here is what each of the inter-related dimensions mean:

The Inter-related Dimensions of Music
Pulse (duration) – steady beat
Rhythm (duration) – long and short sounds over a steady beat
Pitch High and low sounds
Dynamics Loud and quiet
Tempo Fast and slow
Timbre The character of a sound (e.g. different instrument sounds)
Structure How the sections of a song or piece are ordered
Texture Layers of sound, how thick or thin music is (number of sounds playing at once)
Notation How music is written down

3. Extra-curricular Music Making at Bewley

Extra-curricular music has included:

4. Sharing Music With The Community

Children love opportunities to share their talents and gain so much confidence and enjoyment through performing and seeing the happiness on the faces of their audience! Here are some of the opportunities children at Bewley have had:

Music Curriculum Road Map

Bewley Music Making: Photo Gallery


Through the rich opportunities that our music curriculum offers, when children leave Bewley Primary School they will have a love of music and increased levels of self-confidence. They will be inspired by different genres of music, analyse music and compose a variety of music.

We clearly exemplify our school ethos of ‘bright, proud and successful’ through our music curriculum, the outcomes are evident in the wonderful performances the children are able to produce across school each year.