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Bright, Proud and Successful



At Bewley Primary School, we pride ourselves on being a Maths Mastery school. This means that we want children to have a deep and secure knowledge and understanding of Mathematics. Fluency in Mathematics is embedded in Early Years to provide the foundations for each child to develop their full potential. This is then developed and built upon throughout Key Stage 1 and 2. Mathematics lessons are fun, practical and purposeful with engaging resources to support a Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract approach. We want children to have the skills to become confident and resilient Mathematicians.

Our school motto is Bright, Proud and Successful.

Our vision for Maths is to create fluent, confident, articulate, independent and resilient mathematicians who understand that maths is a fundamental part of the world we live in.

We want our children to shine bright by being positive, confident and ready to learn. We aim for our children to be proud of their achievements whether learning to count, competing in Times Tables Rockstars or solving reasoning problems and to be successful by showing resilience to achieve their goals.



In Early Years we provide an environment rich in opportunities to explore and learn about number. Mathematical experiences are embedded throughout the provision and areas of learning in Early Years. Mathematics is taught discretely in Reception and purposeful, engaging tasks are planned for the children to develop their Mathematical skills. Numbers to 20 are explored through concrete and pictorial representations.

Early Years Maths Information for Parents

KS1 and KS2

This exploration continues throughout school focusing on mathematical thinking by applying and reasoning rather than just the right answer.  All year groups follow the White Rose Maths Hub planning for curriculum coverage and use a Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract approach as seen in our calculation policy. This means that the children use concrete apparatus and a hands on approach to start with, then pictorial representations and then they progress to the abstract. Arithmetic skills and times tables are taught daily. Challenge is a vital part of every Maths lesson.

Key Stage 1 Calculation Policy
Lower Key Stage 2 Calculation Policy
Upper Keystage 2 Calculation Policy
Maths Progression of Skills


We want our children to become confident and resilient mathematicians who can apply their skills to everyday life. Children are able to vocalise their understanding and are not afraid to make mistakes. Mathematics is a strength at Bewley and the children enjoy the challenge that Mathematics lessons present with the opportunity to develop their reasoning and fluency and sharpen their skills. The children know that they can access concrete resources to support their learning and there is an emphasis on developing a deeper understanding. Children know that they are supported in their learning and that Mathematics is for everyone.